Top things to do in Central Tanzania

Rock Art in Kondoa Rock-Art Sites

Fenga Rock-Art Complex

One of the most impressive of the Kondoa Rock-Art Sites is the excellent Fenga complex, with its dense and lively images. The dominant feature is a painting of people with wild headdresses who appear to be trapping …
Rock Art in Kondoa Rock-Art Sites

Thawi Rock-Art Site

The most varied, and thus the best, overall collection of rock paintings in the Kondoa area is at Thawi, about 15km northwest of Kolo and reachable only by 4WD.
Rock Art in Kondoa Rock-Art Sites

Kolo Rock-Art Site

The most visited, though not the best, Kolo sites (B1, B2 and B3) are 9km east of Kolo village and a 4WD is required. You’ll need to climb a steep hill at the end of the road to see them. The most interesting images…
Market in Mt Hanang


Katesh is known for its large mnada (market) held on the 9th, 10th and 28th of each month. Maasai, Barabaig, Iraqw and other peoples from a wide surrounding area converge to buy and sell cattle and trade their wares…
Rock Art in Kondoa Rock-Art Sites

Pahi Rock-Art Site

East of the Kolo Rock-Art Sites, on the back side of the same mountain east of Kolo, are the simpler, mostly white (ie relatively modern) Pahi sites. These can be reached by 2WD vehicles. Buses from Arusha and Babat…
Lake in Babati

Lake Babati

This expansive reed-fringed lake south of town is home to hippos; you can explore by dugout with Kahembe's Culture & Wildlife Safaris or the folk at the Royal Beach Hotel.
Notable Building in Dodoma


The home of Tanzania’s parliament is an African-influenced round building. It’s only open to visitors during sessions (bring your passport), but is well worth a look from the outside at other times. Photography is s…
Italian in Dodoma

Leone l’Africano

Tasty Italian food, including one of Tanzania’s better pizzas, served in the shadow of Lion Rock. You can try local wines or play it safe with a European vintage. It has a playground and a 12-hole minigolf course.
Lake in Singida

Lake Singidani

Lake Singidani is one of three saline lakes just west of town. With green waters and plenty of rocky spots along the shore, it’s quite beautiful even when it’s completely dried up, which happens during some dry seas…
International in Dodoma

New Dodoma Hotel

The menu here goes global with choices such as pizza, fish and chips, dhal tadka and fajitas. There are three separate menus and options: Italian, Indian/local and Chinese, with Indian dishes being the most reliable…