Ruins in Bagamoyo

Kaole Ruins

Just south of Bagamoyo are these atmospheric ruins. At their centre are the remains of a 13th-century mosque, which is one of the oldest in mainland Tanzania and also one of the oldest in East Africa. It was built i…
Museum in Bagamoyo

Catholic Museum

About 2km north of town and reached via a long, mango-shaded avenue is the Catholic mission and museum, one of Bagamoyo’s highlights. In the same compound is the chapel where Livingstone’s body was laid before being…
Historic Site in Bagamoyo

Bagamoyo Town

With its cobwebbed portals and crumbling German-era colonial buildings, central Bagamoyo, or Mji Mkongwe (Stone Town) as it’s known locally, is well worth exploration. The most interesting area is along Ocean Rd. He…
Museum in Bagamoyo

Caravan Serai Museum

This undistinguished museum has a small display documenting the slave trade. It's at the town entrance, just past and diagonally opposite CRDB bank.
Arts Centre in Bagamoyo

College of Arts

Located about 500m south of Bagamoyo along the road to Dar es Salaam is this renowned theatre and arts college, home of the national dance company. When school is in session there are occasional performances, and it…