Must-see attractions in Tanzania

  • State House

    Zanzibar's presidential palace was originally designed by British architect John Sinclair as the British Residency in 1903. Today it is not open to…

  • Museum of Geosciences

    Even at the old price of Tsh500, this rather forlorn collection of rock samples and geological information wasn’t a big draw. If you’re a fanatical rock…

  • Ngurdoto Museum

    This dusty and poorly curated collection of butterflies, birds and insects wouldn't be worth visiting were it not for the poachers' snares on display – a…

  • Victoria Hall & Gardens

    Sitting quietly on Kaunda Rd, surrounded by decaying and overgrown gardens, Victoria Hall housed the legislative council during the British era. It's now…

  • Maji Maji Uprising Monument

    Next to the police station, this rugged stone obelisk is a memorial to those who died in the Maji Maji Uprising between 1905 and 1907.

  • Cine Afrique

    It's no longer a working cinema, but the grand old Cine Afrique is an art deco gem and a significant landmark.

  • Big Tree

    A venerable landmark on the waterfront, and popular meeting spot for passengers taking boat rides.