Bicycle Rental in Arusha

Arusha Bicycle Centre

This socially responsible entity rents and sells good-quality bicycles, promotes cycling in Tanzania and trains young Tanzanians as bicycle mechanics. It's in the Olasiti area, about 8km west of Arusha and south of …
Bus Station in Arusha

Central Bus Station

Arusha's biggest bus station is intimidatingly chaotic in the morning and popular with touts. If you get overwhelmed, head straight for a taxi, or duck into the lobby of one of the hotels across the street to get yo…
Bus Station in Arusha

Kilombero Station

Several companies serving Babati, Singida, Mwanza and other points generally west, including Mtei Express, have their offices and departure points here, near Kilombero market.
Car Rental in Arusha


Excellent and experienced safari operator that also allows self-drive. If you're driving your own vehicle, it also has a good garage. Located off the Nairobi–Arusha Hwy in the Sakina area.
Shuttle in Arusha

Riverside Shuttle

Daily shuttle service between Arusha and Nairobi (Kenya), with departures in each direction at 8am and 2pm. The 8am service from Nairobi also continues on to Moshi.
Airline in Arusha


Good for low-cost flights to domestic and other African destinations, with direct Kilimanjaro International Airport to Dar es Salaam flights and onward connections.
Airline in Arusha

Precision Air

Flies to Dar es Salaam, Mwanza and Zanzibar from Kili International and Arusha Airports. Also handles Kenya Airways bookings.
Shuttle in Arusha

Impala Shuttle

Daily shuttle service between Moshi, Arusha and Nairobi (Kenya), departing Arusha from the car park of the Impala Hotel.
Airport in Arusha

Arusha Airport

Small planes, mostly to the national parks, leave from Arusha Airport, 8km west of Arusha along Dodoma Rd.
Information in Arusha

Meserani Snake Park

Twenty-five kilometres west of town on Dodoma Rd, this is the mechanic of choice for overland trucks.