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Getting There & Away

Amani is 32km northwest of Muheza along a dirt road, which is in fair to good condition the entire way, except for the last 7km, where the road is rocky and in bad shape (4WD only). There’s at least one truck daily between Muheza and Amani (Tsh3500, two hours), continuing on to Kwamkoro, 9km beyond Amani. Departures from Muheza are between about 1pm and 2pm. Going in the other direction, transport passes Amani (stopping near the conservation centre office) from about 6am.

In the dry season, you can make it in a 2WD as far as Zigi (25km from Muheza), after which you’ll need a 4WD. Allow 1½ to two hours between Muheza and Amani, less in a good car with high clearance. There’s also a walking trail from Zigi up to Amani (2½ to three hours). Driving from Muheza, the route is straightforward and signposted until the final junction, where you’ll see Bulwa signposted to the right; Amani is 2km further to the left.