Zerafshan Valley restaurants

Top Choice Central Asian in Penjikent


Penjikent's most imaginative eatery, this eccentric wooden structure with its timber stairways and cosy booths is festooned with traditional artefacts and beautiful Tajiki textiles. The delightful owner, Sharif Bada…
Central Asian in Penjikent

Café Safina

This popular meeting point has menus (unlike most chaikhanas), curtained booth seats for private soirées and a large outdoor terrace on the street made cheerful with fresh flowers and fairy lights. With a tasty rang…
Tajik in Ayni


Around 20km west of Ayni, this characterful roadside teahouse has capitalised on the mountain water that rushes through the premises. Cauldrons of chicken boil on minimal cooking facilities, attracting those-in-the-…
Central Asian in Penjikent


Behind a vine-fronted facade, eight tables are arranged around a central fountain pool in a shaded courtyard, making this a lovely choice for lunch or tea on a tranquil summer evening.
Central Asian in Penjikent


This very popular bazaar chaikhana has fine views and specialises in breakfast options. The door directly right of the bazaar's main entrance leads to this simple venue. Closed during Ramadan.
Kebab in Ayni

Cafe Ayni

The photographs of kebabs and burgers decorating the outside of this cheerful cafe dispense with the need for English. It's in the heart of the main street in Ayni.