Getting There & Away

The main access points for the Zerafshan Valley and the Fan Mountains are Takfon (for the Anzob Valley), Sarvoda (for Iskander-Kul), Ayni (for the eastern part or Upper Zerafshan Valley, known as Mastcho) and Penjikent (for Haft-Kul).

Limited public transport in the form of minibuses and 4WDs is available to most of these areas, but as vehicles leave when full, they are either crammed to the roof-rack or take hours to leave. If time is an issue, hiring a 4WD with a driver from Dushanbe, Khojand or Penjikent gives greater freedom to explore and gives welcome employment to entrepreneurial guides.

Rock falls, mudslides and potholes are common in and around the Zerafshan Valley making travelling in the entire region a slow and often spine-bending business. Thankfully, the awe-inspiring scenery usually more than compensates!