Top Choice Indian in Khorog

Delhi Darbar

This is the most popular meeting place in Khurog, largely perhaps because it's exciting to find anyone even attempting to offer Indian cuisine in such a remote corner of Central Asia – and Delhi Darbar does a partic…
Central Asian in Khorog

Chaykhana Parinen

Deservedly popular for pre-prepared lunches, manty (steamed meat dumplings), shashlyk and chilled flagons of kompot (fruit cordial), this extensive, easily missed chaykhana is pleasantly situated at the riverside wi…
Pizza in Khorog

Lal Cafe

Attached to Lal Hotel and with access to the seating pavilion in the hotel garden, this fun, bright cafe is decorated with traditional patterns, and musical instruments are hung from the ceiling. Vegetarians may be …
Tajik in Khorog

Serena Inn Restaurant

This small upmarket restaurant sports tables with white linen and side plates, and the outdoor tables on the terrace overlook an attractive riverside garden. It makes a tranquil spot for a beer (21TJS) on the topcha…
Tajik in Kulob

Shomi Khulob

This excellent lunch stop, by the statue of Shamsiddin Shohein and unpromisingly in the forecourt of an NFC petrol station, offers delicious local and national dishes served at smart new tables with plush sofa seats…
Central Asian in Kalai-Khum


Beside the central bridge in Kalai-Khum are a pair of restaurants each perched above the swirling blue waters. With its Zoroastrian logo and smart verandah overlooking the river, the Oriyona is an ideal meeting poin…
Supermarket in Kalai-Khum

Europa Supermarket

A well-stocked modern shop handy for picking up supplies for the rest of the journey.
Tajik in Rushan

Khekhack Restaurant

In the middle of the route between Kalai-Khum and Rushan, this popular lunch stop also attracts weary night-time truckers who ply the M41 across the Pamirs to Dushanbe. In a delightful tree-shaded spot, in the crook…
Fast Food in Khorog

Barmasar Cafe

A tidy little cafe by the bazaar and opposite Pamir Plaza, this is a handy place for a fast-food snack after shopping for supplies in the large supermarket opposite.
Tajik in Khorog

Cafe Pamir Lodge

This tiny upstairs one-room diner offers an alternative to the meals at nearby Pamir Lodge.