Top things to do

Top Choice Ukrainian in Dushanbe

Traktir Konservator

The brilliantly atmospheric old-Russia decor mixes classic theatre posters, part-plastered wall-arches, heavy beams, archaic clocks, flat-irons, antique windows, samovars and stove doors. Even the toilets are packed…
Top Choice Italian in Dushanbe

Café Segafredo

Euro-chic place to recharge on excellent real macchiatos or fresh carrot-apple juice (14TJS). Large street-terrace area, good wi-fi, mostly Italian menu.
Gardens in Jafr

Jafr Agro-Eco Centre

Botanist, poet and collector Mirzosho Akobirov has spent decades planting seeds and saplings of numerous local and exotic fruit trees in his extensive botanical garden. Many trees have curiously grafted several frui…
Archaeological Site in Kalai-Khum

Hulbuk Palace

Between the 9th and 11th centuries, Hulbuk was one of the four biggest cites of Central Asia and seat of te Shah of Khatlon. It guarded a giant salt hill which was of great trading value as well as forming part of t…
Museum in Yamg

House-Museum of Mubarak Kadam Wakhani

Some 500m off the main road in Yamg is the reconstructed house museum of Sufi mystic, astronomer and musician Mubarak Kadam Wakhani (1843–1903). One room contains typical ethnographic artefacts plus books and manusc…
Rock Art in Langar


Rock faces on the steep slopes above Langar are inscribed with over 6000 petroglyphs. Climbing to see them adds further to the great mountain views across the valley junction but it is hard to tell ancient carvings…
Museum in Dushanbe

National Museum

Opened in 2013, the impressively airy National Museum is especially strong on archaeological exhibits, both real and recreated. The reconstruction of the Ajina-Tepe Buddhist monastery site is particularly successful…
Mosque in Khojand

Sheikh Massal ad-Din complex

In striking comparison to the bazaar opposite, this religious complex comprises the 1394 brick mausoleum of Sheikh Massal ad-Din (1133–1223), covered porticoes with carved wooden pillars, a 20th-century mosque with …
Central Asian in Dushanbe

Chaykhona Rokhat

This unusual combination of Soviet-era institution and grand Persian-style chaikhana, is the Dushanbe classic – a great place to sip tea (2TJS) or a Simsim beer (11TJS) while people-watching. Food certainly isn't go…
Museum in Namadgut

Namadguti Museum

Facing the eastern knoll of the Khaakha fortress, the most interesting element of visiting this fairly minimal museum is dressing up in a Pamiri chakman (judo-style woolen robe) and hat, or listening to director Odi…