Arts & Crafts in Dushanbe

Noor Art Gallery

This attractive gallery is stocked with tasteful modern crafts, including hand-painted ceramic plates, wooden boxes and woollen items.
Arts & Crafts in Murgab

Yak House

Set up to help promote the revival of traditional crafts, local women here are encouraged to supplement their income through learning old skills. Woollen shoulder-bags, socks and felt shyrdak squares are on sale her…
Arts & Crafts in Dushanbe

Asia Gallery

Adbul Ahmad, the owner of this small arts and crafts shop, is very knowledgeable about regional carpets, including the lost art of hand looming in Tajikistan. His son speaks some English, but most of the crafts (inc…
Arts & Crafts in Khorog

De Pamiri

This fair-trade craft shop sharing the PECTA building showcases work by dozens of Pamiri artisans with excellent felt rugs and bags, musical instruments, palas (woven goat-hair carpets) and embroidered skullcaps.
Art in Dushanbe

Tajik Painters Union Exhibition Hall

Comprises of three floors of modern Tajik art, with most pieces for sale. The opening hours here are somewhat erratic.