Gifts & Souvenirs in Dushanbe

Silk Road

Good for mineral trees, stone mosaics, embroidery, scarves and those hard-to-find postcards.
Art in Dushanbe

Tajik Painters Union Exhibition Hall

Three floors of modern Tajik art, much for sale.
Gifts & Souvenirs in Dushanbe


Amid the shampoo and mobile-phone sellers, is the city's original department store selling water-pipes, traditional musical instruments, glazed earthenware, figurines and lovely Iranian boxes. Go upstairs to find am…
Arts & Crafts in Khorog

De Pamiri

Sharing the PECTA building, this fair-trade craft shop showcases work by dozens of Pamiri artisans with excellent felt rugs and bags, musical instruments, palas (woven goat-hair carpets) and embroidered skullcaps.
Arts & Crafts in Murgab

Yak House

Of the traditional Pamiri and Kyrgyz crafts sold here, the most impressive are pure-woollen shoulder-bags (61TJS) and colourful felt shyrdak squares. The shop is within the beautifully designed, circular Murgab Hous…
Sports & Outdoors in Dushanbe

Barzish Sport

Sports and outdoors equipment.