Top Choice Ukrainian in Dushanbe

Traktir Konservator

The brilliantly atmospheric old-Russia decor mixes classic theatre posters, part-plastered wall-arches, heavy beams, archaic clocks, flat-irons, antique windows, samovars and stove doors. Even the toilets are packed…
Turkish in Dushanbe

Café Merve

Bright and bustling cafeteria churning out Turkish breakfasts, kebabs, pizza, salads, cakes and instant coffee (but no alcohol).
Chaikhana in Dushanbe

Chaykhona Rokhat

This unusual combination of Soviet-era institution and grand Persian-style chaikhana, is the Dushanbe classic – a great place to sip tea (2TJS) or a Simsim beer (11TJS) while people-watching. Food certainly isn't go…
French in Dushanbe

La Grande Dame

Exposed brickwork, classical plaster mouldings, worn parquet and a shady open-air porch create a valiant approximation of an old-world provincial French cafe. Good for blinnies, lunchtime baguettes (12TJS to 15TJS),…
Turkish in Dushanbe

Merve Restaurant

This plush branch of Café Merve, beneath a bowling alley, has pleasant covered street-seating.
American in Dushanbe

Morning Star Café

Popular for locally roasted coffee, bagels, alcohol-free long-mojitos, wraps and Saturday brunch. Decor is forgettable and service disinterested but there's a range of postcards and handicrafts for sale and it's a f…
Central Asian in Khojand

Café Ravshan

This central semi-smart cafe features mirror-facet flowers and chequerboard couch seats. The kitchen barbeques great okaroshka (chicken kebabs, 10TJS), but beware of the coffee (2TJS) which is instant and heavily pr…
Indian in Khorog

Delhi Darbar

It's exciting to find anyone even attempting to offer Indian cuisine in so remote a corner of Central Asia and Delhi Darbar does an unexpectedly good job, especially with some of the vegetarian options. They also ha…
Russian in Khorog

Bar Varka

Six-tabled Varka has dim lighting, suffers summer humidity and looks ideal for a petty drug dealer's date, but the salads are good and it's the nearest eatery to Pamir Lodge.
Multicuisine in Khorog

Chor Bagh

Right in the central park, Chor Bagh is the most attractive restaurant in town with a great open-air pavilion perched above the river for those balmy summer evenings. Sadly, while the food impresses some travellers,…