Top things to do

Top Choice Cultural in Khorog

Roof of the World Festival

This annual celebration of culture was initiated as a small scale festival in Khorog in 2008 and has expanded to become a regional expression of traditional Pamir customs and values. Dancers, artists, craftspeople a…
Top Choice Indian in Khorog

Delhi Darbar

This is the most popular meeting place in Khurog, largely perhaps because it's exciting to find anyone even attempting to offer Indian cuisine in such a remote corner of Central Asia – and Delhi Darbar does a partic…
Park in Khorog

Central Park

It’s hard to believe that Khorog’s Central Park was dug up to grow crops during the famine of the 1990s. It has since been renovated by the Aga Khan Trust for Culture and is now a delightful place to read a book or …
Central Asian in Khorog

Chaykhana Parinen

Deservedly popular for pre-prepared lunches, manty (steamed meat dumplings), shashlyk and chilled flagons of kompot (fruit cordial), this extensive, easily missed chaykhana is pleasantly situated at the riverside wi…
Pizza in Khorog

Lal Cafe

Attached to Lal Hotel and with access to the seating pavilion in the hotel garden, this fun, bright cafe is decorated with traditional patterns, and musical instruments are hung from the ceiling. Vegetarians may be …
Tajik in Khorog

Serena Inn Restaurant

This small upmarket restaurant sports tables with white linen and side plates, and the outdoor tables on the terrace overlook an attractive riverside garden. It makes a tranquil spot for a beer (21TJS) on the topcha…
International in Khorog

Chor Bagh

Right in Central Park, Chor Bagh is the most attractive place to enjoy a drink in town with a great open-air pavilion perched above the river for those balmy summer evenings. Good for a cold beer and pancakes.
Park in Khorog

Pamir Botanical Gardens

At the entrance to the Shokh Dara Valley, 5km east of town, this arboretum encompasses a couple of hundred hectares of parkland and is claimed to be the world’s second-highest botanical garden. In addition to the ma…
Market in Khorog

Saturday Market

Some 5km west of Khorog, a bridge linking Afghanistan with Tajikistan crosses the river at the point where the Gunt merges with the Pyanj. Every Saturday Afghan traders are usually permitted to cross the bridge onto…
Arts & Crafts in Khorog

De Pamiri

This fair-trade craft shop sharing the PECTA building showcases work by dozens of Pamiri artisans with excellent felt rugs and bags, musical instruments, palas (woven goat-hair carpets) and embroidered skullcaps.