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Mosque in Khojand

Sheikh Massal ad-Din complex

In striking comparison to the bazaar opposite, this religious complex comprises the 1394 brick mausoleum of Sheikh Massal ad-Din (1133–1223), covered porticoes with carved wooden pillars, a 20th-century mosque with …
Museum in Khojand

Historical Museum of Sughd Province

Built within the reconstructed southeast bastion of the city wall, this lavish museum has a basement full of Graeco-Roman–style stone reliefs and well-executed murals of prehistoric life. The main hall is dominated …
Market in Khojand

Panchshanbe Bazaar

The core of the bazaar is an unusually elegant, purpose-built hall (1964) with arched entrance portals and a pink-and-lime-green neoclassical facade – think Stalin meets 1001 Nights. It's one of the best-stocked mar…
Museum in Khojand

Museum of Archaeology & Fortifications

The reconstructed eastern gate houses the Museum of Archaeology and Fortifications, which has some interesting 19th-century photos and plans of the original citadel. You can climb the ramparts but be careful when ph…
Central Asian in Khojand

Café Ravshan

This central semi-smart cafe features mirror-facet flowers and chequerboard couch seats. The kitchen barbeques great okaroshka (chicken kebabs, 10TJS), but beware of the coffee (2TJS) which is instant and heavily pr…
Cafeteria in Khojand

Cafe Sharq

Cheap, pre-prepared meals within the green-and-yellow southern facade of the Panchshanbe Bazaar (beneath the Sharq Hotel).
Islamic Tomb in Khojand

Mausoleum of Sheikh Massal ad-Din

Fortress in Khojand


The city’s oldest remains are the formless baked-earth walls of the 10th-century citadel, which once boasted seven gates and 6km of fortifications. Earlier this had been the site of Alexander the Great’s original se…
Monument in Khojand

Lenin Statue

A 22m-tall statue of Lenin was moved here from Moscow in 1974 when Khojand was called Leninabad. In 2011 Vlad was quietly removed from his central plinth north of the river (replaced by an equally large Somoni) and …
Monument in Khojand

WWII Monument