Top things to do in Karakul & Ysil-Art Pass

Lake in Karakul & Ysil-Art Pass


Although salty, lake Kara-Kul is frozen and snow-covered until May but throughout the summer this huge lake is transformed into a beautiful, sky-blue lozenge that changes colour with depth. An attempt by META to dec…
Sports in Karakul & Ysil-Art Pass

Roof of the World Regatta

At 3914m, the high altitude of this regatta turns the already energetic activities of kite-surfing, rowing and kayaking into an extreme sport. Established in 2014 as an annual event, this three- or four-day regatta …
Viewpoint in Karakul & Ysil-Art Pass

Ak-Baital Pass

One of the most dramatic of the many high passes in the Pamirs, Ak-Baital Pass at 4655m is one of the highest passes along the whole of the Pamir Hwy. Surrounded by an amphitheatre of snow-covered ridges with only t…