Top things to do in Eastern Pamir Highway

Top Choice Cultural in Murgab

At Chabysh

Aimed at reviving and strengthening the traditions of horsemanship of the Kyrgyz Pamirs, this annual festival features traditional horse sports interspersed with musical recitals and poetry recitations. It also incl…
Lake in Alichur


Mirrorlike lake Bulun-Kul (3737m) looks magnificent in the morning light, reflecting the mineral streaks of a low, multicoloured ridge opposite. The water's edge invites a picnic but the bitter wind and tiny fire an…
Grill in Alichur


Right beside the Ak-Balyk (White Fish) spring near the Km840 marker on the Pamir Hwy, an enterprising cook has set up a lonely shop selling delicious fried fish from the spring-fed ponds. Customers can eat in peace …
Archaeological Site in Murgab

Shakty Cave Paintings

Soviet archaeologists apparently took shelter in the caves at Shakty (Шахты; 4200m) during a storm one night in 1958, only to awake the next morning to the perfectly preserved red-ink paintings of a boar hunt (and s…
Lake in Karakul & Ysil-Art Pass


Although salty, lake Kara-Kul is frozen and snow-covered until May but throughout the summer this huge lake is transformed into a beautiful, sky-blue lozenge that changes colour with depth. An attempt by META to dec…
Sports in Karakul & Ysil-Art Pass

Roof of the World Regatta

At 3914m, the high altitude of this regatta turns the already energetic activities of kite-surfing, rowing and kayaking into an extreme sport. Established in 2014 as an annual event, this three- or four-day regatta …
Viewpoint in Karakul & Ysil-Art Pass

Ak-Baital Pass

One of the most dramatic of the many high passes in the Pamirs, Ak-Baital Pass at 4655m is one of the highest passes along the whole of the Pamir Hwy. Surrounded by an amphitheatre of snow-covered ridges with only t…
Arts & Crafts in Murgab

Yak House

Set up to help promote the revival of traditional crafts, local women here are encouraged to supplement their income through learning old skills. Woollen shoulder-bags, socks and felt shyrdak squares are on sale her…
Viewpoint in Alichur

Hargush Pass

The road from the Wakhan Valley rejoins the Pamir Hwy via the beautiful Hargus Pass. At 4344m and the highest of the three passes around Alichur, it is hard to catch breath at this point and hail stones can be expec…
Lake in Alichur


Much bigger but arguably less photogenic than neighbouring Balun-Kul, 3734m Yashil-Kul (Яшилькуль) means 'green lake'. This is surprising because it is in fact bright blue, framed by ochre-coloured semi-arid slopes.