Statue in Dushanbe

Statue of Ismoil Somoni

Dushanbe’s most visible monument to nation-building sees the 10th-century founder of the Samanid dynasty, emerging through a giant crown-topped theatrical hoop waving a wand. Rising behind him the Parchan is a gold-…
Museum in Dushanbe

National Museum

Opened in 2013, the impressively airy National Museum is especially strong on archaeological exhibits, both real and recreated. The reconstruction of the Ajina-Tepe Buddhist monastery site is particularly successful…
Museum in Dushanbe

National Museum of Antiquities of Tajikistan

Though the interior is dowdy and poorly illuminated, the archaeological collection here is excellent. In many cases what you'll see are the originals from which copies were made for the outwardly far grander new Nat…
Museum in Dushanbe

Gurminj Museum

Hidden within a private family compound behind unmarked green gates is a three-room collection of antique musical instruments from all across Central Asia. What makes the place special is that local musicians often …
Landmark in Dushanbe


Built to commemorate 20 years of independence, the world's second tallest flagmast (165m) is the centrepiece of Dushanbe's growing ensemble of fountain-parks and public buildings including the new National Library a…
Notable Building in Dushanbe

Writers’ Union Building

Tajikistan’s Persian past is invoked in the facade of the Writers’ Union Building. It’s adorned like a medieval cathedral with saintly, sculpted-stone figures of Sadruddin Ayni, Omar Khayam, Firdausi and other write…
Architecture in Dushanbe

World's Biggest Teahouse

Still under construction, this vast festival of blue semi-traditional tiling is reputed to have cost a mind-bending percentage of the national GDP. It is rising near to Komsomol Park, one of several popular family-f…
Park in Dushanbe

Botanical Gardens

The extensive Botanical Gardens are a favourite of canoodling couples. The east-central entrance gateway is designed in ancient Iranian style and dotted between the trees are beautifully carved wooden pavilions.
Statue in Dushanbe

Rudaki Statue

On his pond-fronted garden plinth, beneath an impressive blue mosaic arc full of stars, Rudaki appears to be taking a curtain call after a 10th-century X-Factor performance.
Market in Dushanbe

Green Bazaar

The bustling and colourful Shah Mansur Bazaar is the heartbeat of Dushanbe trade and the best place to stock up on travel snacks from dried fruit to Korean kimchi.