Darshai is the trail head for a couple of wild routes into the mountains. It's possible to hike along the gorge unaccompanied, but guides are needed to go beyond the owring, or ledge, at the path's narrowest point.

Darshai Gorge

The trek up the Darshai Gorge starts near the bridge and continues around a knoll topped with some minimal fortress ruins. It then follows a clear path up the eastern bank of the side river. In under two hours it's easy enough to reach the trail's star attraction, a photogenic owring, or short section of footpath where the trail becomes so perilously narrow that it has been built out on branches and rocks 'sewn' onto the rock face using wire ropes.

With a guide, a yurt camp can be reached much further up the valley (a five- to eight-hour walk); it is used exclusively by hunting groups in winter but is available to walkers in summer. From there it's a very testing day hike past Mayakovsky Peak (6095m) and across a snowy 4941m pass to reach the signed homestay at Bodomdara in the Shokh Dara Valley.