Tajik somani (TJS)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than US$100

  • Floor space in homestay: US$10
  • Self-catering: US$5
  • Bus to free sights: US$1
  • Seat in shared taxi: US$45

Midrange: US$100–200

  • Double room with bathroom: US$50–100
  • Three meals in homestays: US$15
  • Museum admissions: US$5
  • Charter of small 4WD with driver: US$80

Top End: More than US$200

  • Luxury room in provincial hotel: US$120
  • Lunch and dinner in international restaurants: US$30
  • Overnight guided trek: US$100–150
  • Charter of large 4WD with driver-guide: US$120–150


Bargaining is expected in the bazaars but not in shops where fixed prices are the norm.


The town has banks where you can change money and an ATM.