Museum in Dushanbe

National Museum of Antiquities of Tajikistan

Though the interior is dowdy and poorly illuminated, the archaeological collection here is excellent. In many cases what you'll see are the originals from which copies were made for the outwardly far grander new Nat…
Museum in Dushanbe

Gurminj Museum

Hidden within a private family compound behind unmarked green gates is a three-room collection of antique musical instruments from all across Central Asia. What makes the place special is that local musicians often …
Park in Dushanbe

Botanical Gardens

The extensive Botanical Gardens are a favourite of canoodling couples. The east-central entrance gateway is designed in ancient Iranian style and dotted between the trees are beautifully carved wooden pavilions.
Museum in Khojand

Museum of Archaeology & Fortifications

The reconstructed eastern gate houses the Museum of Archaeology and Fortifications, which has some interesting 19th-century photos and plans of the original citadel. You can climb the ramparts but be careful when ph…
Museum in Khojand

Historical Museum of Sughd Province

Built within the reconstructed southeast bastion of the city wall, this lavish museum has a basement full of Graeco-Roman–style stone reliefs and well-executed murals of prehistoric life. The main hall is dominated …
Market in Khojand

Panchshanbe Bazaar

The core of the bazaar is an unusually elegant, purpose-built hall (1964) with arched entrance portals and a pink-and-lime-green neoclassical facade – think Stalin meets 1001 Nights. It's one of the best-stocked mar…
Market in Istaravshan


The vast, colourful central bazaar is a town unto itself. Don't miss the 12 blacksmith workshops which make top-quality knives using remarkably archaic-looking equipment. They're in the sick-green, low-rise building…
Museum in Penjikent

Rudaki Museum

This rather elegant museum does assign a room to Abu Abdullah Rudaki (858–941), the Samanid court 'father of Persian poetry', whose modern mausoleum is 58km east of Penjikent at Panjrud. However, it's more interesti…
Museum in Penjikent


A small museum at the Ancient Penjikent archaeological site chronicles the excavations but the best of the frescoes (some of them 15m long), sculptures, pottery and manuscripts were long ago carted off to Tashkent a…
Museum in Khorog

Regional Museum

Musty and loveably Soviet in conception, this archetypal old-school museum has plenty of fun exhibits to pique one's interest, including early crampons and the first Russian piano to arrive in Badakhshan (10 Russian…