Top things to do

Forest in Wulai

Neidong Forest Recreation Area

About 4km past Wulai Waterfall is this forested area popularly known as Wawagu (Valley of the Frogs). With its hiking trails through broadleaved and cedar forests, bird and insect life, river views and rushing water…
Indigenous in Wulai

Taiya Popo

This long-running restaurant on the tourist street, just past the Atayal Museum, serves some excellent if obscure indigenous dishes such as bird's nest fern, betel-nut salad, bamboo partridge and fried bees (they ta…
Waterfall in Wulai

Wulai Waterfall

This 80m-high waterfall is quite a beauty, and the fact that you can float past it on a gondola (NT$220) is one more reason to come to Wulai. There's a minitrain (NT$50) to the base, or you can walk the pedestrian r…
Landmark in Wulai

Wulai Elementary School

A landmark near the start of the Tonghou Butterfly Trail.
Museum in Wulai

Wulai Atayal Museum

The Atayal are the third-largest indigenous tribe in Taiwan and form a big presence in Wulai (part of their traditional territory). Inside the museum are replicas of traditional bamboo and wood houses, and informati…