Top things to do in Wai'ao

Island in Wai'ao

Turtle Island

This captivating volcanic islet, 10km off the coast of Yilan, is less than 3km long yet rises up to 398m. Once supporting a population of 750 people, the island was taken over by the military in 1977 then returned t…
Museum in Wai'ao

Lanyang Museum

Designed to imitate the area's cuesta rock formations, this stunning glass and aluminium-panelled structure is worth a visit for the architecture. Exhibits focus on the ecology and history of the Lanyang (Yilan) Pla…
Natural Feature in Wai'ao

Beiguan Tidal Park

Just north of Wai'ao is this small seaside park with beautiful cuesta and 'tofu' block rock formations, and lookouts down the coast. You can snorkel here in summer. Beiguan Tidal Park is located around the Km127 poi…