The indigenous cuisine restaurant of Taroko Village Hotel and upmarket dining options at Silks Place Hotel are both usually guest-only except at lunch (consider pre-booking). Tianxiang also has a basic diner, a hostel cafe and a 7-Eleven. There's an ultra simple snack place in Xibao (Km160.5) with fabulous views. For a little more choice, head just east of the park to Fushi and Xincheng.

The Basics

Pork and especially wild boar is fundamental to Truku culture. Other key elements of local Truku cuisine include millet wine, bird's nest fern leaves (山蘇花; shān sūhuā), sticky rice cooked in bamboo tubes and sausages spiced with maqaw (litsea cubeba; 山雞椒 shān jījiāo) – peppercorn-sized seeds with a citrussy tang of lemongrass.