After the Jhuilu Old Trail, this is Taroko's best day hike, a superb four- to five-hour tramp through subtropical forests with grand sweeping views down the peak-studded gorge. With few hikers about, you stand a good chance of seeing wildlife, including monkeys, barking deer, squirrels and various pheasants.

The trail affords the most dramatic scenery as you head downhill, but it's difficult to coordinate a start at the upper trailhead (it literally starts in the middle of a tunnel that begins at Km166). It's easiest is to start at the same entrance to the Lüshui-Heliu Trail and head up. This also allows you to stop in at the Wenshan Hot Springs at the end of the hike (the hot springs are at the beginning of the tunnel at Km166). From here back to Tienhsiang it's a manageable 2.5km.

You need a mountain permit for this hike, which can be applied for on the spot at the Tienhsiang Police Station.