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Day Trips & Excursions

One day Hualien Taroko Gorge Tour from Taipei by Train

Join this exciting full-day trip to visit one of the seven wonders of the world - Taroko Gorge in Hualien, the east part of Taiwan. Taroko National Park, or sometimes called Taroko Gorge, and its surrounding area are famous for not only the mesmerizing views and nature, but also their abundant supply of marble which leads to its nickname "The Marble Gorge". Also visit  Eternal Spring Shrine, Swallow Grotto, Cisingtan Scenic Area and Hualien Stone Sculptural Park. Let's visit the beautiful marble world together!
13 hours
Day Trips & Excursions

Taroko Gorge Small-Group Full-Day Tour from Hualien City

As one of the seven wonders of Asia, Taroko encompasses the largest marble gorge in the world. You will be amazed by visiting various sceneries in one day, including splendid marble gorge, crystal-clear water between canyons and colorful sedimentary rocks. You can experience several hiking trails as well as the aboriginal culture of Taroko tribe and taste local cuisine.
8 hours
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Taroko National Park Classic Full-Day Tour

Taroko National Park is where you must visit in Hualien. The scene that attracts visitors all over the world makes Taroko synonym of tourism in eastern Taiwan. The rich history and natural landscape allow visitors to spend a whole day. This tour covers most of the popular spots and trails, it includes visiting the magnificent gorge, ocean cliff, waterfall, suspension bridge and much more. With our friendly local expert’s guiding, it means you will be in good hands and visit every must-see site that could have otherwise been missed easily if you come here by yourself. It’s also a tour that suits all ages if you have senior citizens in your group.
8 hours
Outdoor Activities

Zhuilu Old Trail Hiking Day Tour in Hualien

If you are looking for some challenges and take your tour in Taroko Gorge to the next level, Zhuilu Old Trail is definitely where you should visit. Visitors are allowed to walking on the cliff path to have an astonishing view of the gorge. The tour guide will keep you company to explain the history and take great pictures at the best shooting spots. There is a daily capacity on the number of visitors, and it requires permits for hiking this breathtaking trail. A peace of mind for your adventure journey!
8 hours
Outdoor Activities

Taroko Zhuilu Old Trail (guaranteed departure for 1 person)

If you really wish to see the majesty of Taiwan, Taroko Park is where you’ll find it. Hiking the Zhuilu Old Trail combines Taiwan’s storied history with its incomparable natural beauty. The hike is 3.1 kilometers long and reaches elevations of 500-600 meters.The Old Zhuilu Road was an important connection between ancient Truku villages. Originally it was only 30cm wide, barely enough for two feet side by side. In 1917, the Japanese conscripted local indigenous men to expand the trail width to 1.5m. Throughout you will be surrounded by Taiwan’s famous emerald mountains populated with Taiwanese flora and fauna. Look down and you will see the mighty Liwu River, slowly carving its way through Mt. Sanjiaozhui creating the steep, imposing Fuji cliffs.Join Uniquefun for this one-of-a-kind experience!
10 hours
Water Sports

Sea Kayaking at Qingshui Cliff Hualien (Sunrise 03:30am)

Qingshui Cliff is located between Heping and Chongde, and stretches for 21 kilometers. The Great Cliff of Qingshui is particularly steep, and is located 5 kilometers from the sea. It is one of the most majestic views in the Taroko National Park, and one of the top 10 scenic spots in Taiwan according to the Taiwanese Forestry Bureau.In the past, you could only drive between cliffs and the ocean. Today you will get a unique and stunning view of the cliffs from the vantage point of the Pacific Ocean, as well as a trip along roads built in ancient times.- Guaranteed Departures: Minimum 2 people- Lightweight clothing/ Swimsuits. Contact lenses if required.- Gentle Reminder:1. Take medication 30 minutes before departure if you have history of motion sickness.2. Bring sufficient drinking water (2L), sunscreen, insect repellent and raingear.3. Do not bring along valuables.4. Bring along changing clothes if needed, portable tent is provided.
6 hours
Multi-day & Extended Tours

Private Tour: Hehuan mountain (2D1N)

Standing at over 3400m, Hehuan mountain boasts breathtaking 360 degree vistas of Taiwan’s mountain ranges, and is the perfect place for travelers who wish to experience the magnificence and beauty of high mountain scenery without having to hike long hours.Unlike the highest peaks in Taiwan which require you to travel mostly by foot, Hehuan mountain is accessible by public roads that lead up to an elevation of 3275m. Reaching the peaks of Hehuan mountain does not require you to have any experience in mountain hiking. In fact, most trails in Hehuan mountain are well paved and only require an average of 1-2 hours to complete.Location: Hehuan MountainDuration: 2 days
2 days
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Explore God’s masterpiece, Taroko Gorge, the world’s only marble gorge with us. Entrain from Taipei to Hualien to enjoy the various, local scenery. Drive to Taroko Gorge and stop at the featured sites alongside, such as Eternal Spring Shrine, Swallow Grotto, and Lushui Trail. Stay overnight at Taroko Village Hotel  in Taroko National Park. Experience the aboriginal-styled building in the mountain and wake up with the refreshing natures. All your pressure shall be put away! • Uniquely entrain between Taipei and Hualien with the local beautiful scenery alongside • Trekking in Taroko National Park to enjoy the gorgeous marble gorge and stay overnight at Taroko Village Hotel, an aboriginal-featured hotel in the Park  (Note:  in Summer, overnight at Azure Hotel, Hualien City) • Deeply explore Taroko and create more unique memory
2 days
Day Trips & Excursions

Haulien Port Shore Excursion: Taroko National Park Private Day Tour

Splendid landscape has enriched the pure beauty of nature in Hualien. With nature scenery and Taiwanese aboriginal culture, Hualien has become more dynamic than ever and is sure to surprise during your visit. Experience the largest naturally enclosed spaces in the world, Taroko National Park, with amazing cliffs and landscapes. Also visit the Lushui Trail and the Eternal Spring Shrine to learn more about Taiwan. Don't miss the delicious lunch in the style of Taiwanese aboriginal at a famous local restaurant!
8 hours