Books in Kaohsiung

Takao Books

A delightful bookstore strong in the arts and humanities that has photography titles in English and CDs of music and poetry by Taiwan singer-songwriters. The cafe upstairs is where literary and music events are held…
Department Store in Tainan

Hayashi Department Store

The reopened Hayashi Department Store sells fashion, stationery and homewares created by Taiwanese designers, as well as beautifully packaged Taiwanese produce. The top floor offers aerial views of neighbouring Land…
Souvenirs in Kaohsiung

Bandon Stationery Store

Who says stationery is obsolete? All kinds of stationery a kid has ever dreamed of owning are sold here, including retro items you or your parents may have used as kids. The shop is perpetually crammed with excited …
Vintage in Kaohsiung

Lulu the Dimpled Cat

A deliciously musty two-storey vintage shop selling beaded handbags, old books and other paraphernalia. There was a tiny exhibition of Japanese-era costumes on the 2nd floor at the time of research. Lulu is across t…
Arts & Crafts in Tainan

Tainan Kuang Tsai Embroidery Shop

Mr Lin, one of the last remaining embroidery masters in Tainan, has been working at his craft for more than 50 years and now he and his daughter have taken the craft to a new, modern level. All his pieces have the l…
Market in Kaohsiung

Sanfong Central Street

Kaohsiung's largest grocery wholesale market, the southern equivalent of Taipei's Dihua St, is in Sanmin District, near Kaohsiung Main Station. The youngest of the stores in this arcade have been here for over two d…
Market in Kaohsiung

Breeze Farmers Market

Breeze Market is the largest (but physically not very large) organic farmers market in southern Taiwan and takes place weekly in four venues around Kaohsiung. Besides fresh fruits and vegetables, it also sells grain…
Books in Kaohsiung


The Pier-2 branch of Taiwan's famous bookshop tends to focus on leisure reading. You can also grab a coffee here.