Taiwan's Northeast Coast restaurants

Top Choice Seafood in Toucheng

Daxi Fishing Harbour

By buying at source in this two-storey food court beside Daxi's fishing fleet, you can gorge on everything from grilled oysters (生蠔; shēngháo) to sea urchin (海膽; hǎidǎn) to whole fish at bargain prices. The harbour …
Market in Taiwan's Northeast Coast

Miaokou Night Market

One of the most famous night markets in Taiwan, Miaokou's moreish mouthfuls are the main reason to find yourself in the rainy port city of Keelung, unless you're taking the ferry to or from China. Trains from Taipei…
Cafe in Toucheng


This cool cafe is the centrepiece of 'Happy Together', a creative community of surfers who operate businesses here to support their wave-chasing lifestyle. As well as great coffee, desserts and light meals, the cafe…
Food Truck in Toucheng

Abo Onion Pancake

The onion-and-fried-egg pancakes (蔥油餅; cōngyóubǐng) sold from this truck on the right as you exit Toucheng train station are a local institution – crisp, pillowy and satisfying.
Taiwanese in Fulong

Fulong Biandang

Several shops all sell the same bento boxes outside Fulong train station. Choose from the standard Fulong bento (福隆便當; Fúlóng biàndāng) with pork, egg, tofu and veggies, the pork cutlet bento (排骨便當; páigǔ biàndāng),…