LGBT Travellers

Taiwan's official stance towards gays and lesbians is among the most progressive in Asia. There is no sodomy law to penalise homosexuality and the Chinese-speaking-world's best GLBT Pride Parade has been held in Taipei every year since 1997.

Proposals to legalise gay marriage in a draft amendment were first tabled in 2003 and although it did not become law, the election of the more liberal-minded DPP into government in January 2016 may help to make gay marriage a reality. A 2015 opinion poll showed that 71% of respondents supported gay marriage. Opposition to gay rights usually comes from the older sectors of society or conservative religious groups.

Taipei is an open, vibrant city for gay and lesbian visitors, and has gained a reputation as the place for gay nightlife in Asia. Other cities in Taiwan offer far less lively options.

Useful resources include Utopia (, Taiwan LGBT Hotline Association ( and Taiwan LGBT Pride (