Must see attractions in Kinmen

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    Jhaishan Tunnels

    Blasted out of solid granite by soldiers in the 1960s, this V-shaped arc of sea tunnels was designed to protect boats from bombs during the war years…

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    Siwei Tunnel

    Also known as Jiugong Tunnel (九宮坑道), this four-entrance network of wide sea tunnels was blasted out of the gneiss in the 1960s to provide bomb shelters…

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    Deyue Mansion

    Built in 1931, this is Kinmen's most famous 'western' building thanks to the 11m-tall gun tower in its yard, erected to ward off (or at least spot)…

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    Guningtou War Museum

    For domestic tourists, this is one of Kinmen's top sights due to the pivotal nature of a battle fought here over 56 hours in October 1949. For outsiders,…

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    Juguang Tower

    This three-storey tower, built in classical Chinese form, is an iconic local landmark that has often featured on Taiwanese stamps. Yet it only dates from…

  • S
    Shanhou Folk Culture Village

    With a fine setting in a bowl of green slopes, Shanhou is one of the island's prettiest old villages with dozens of classic tile-roofed Fujian homes,…

  • K
    Koxinga Statue

    This stern, 9m statue of Koxinga (鄭成; Zheng Cheng) gazes towards China from a tiny islet connected to the rest of Kinmen by a pedestrian causeway, which…

  • Y
    Yongshi Fort

    Yongshi (Warriors') Fort is one of a pair of 1970s military bunkers in Huangtso. Descend through a 200m-long tunnel that now contains a museum about…

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    Beishan Broadcasting Wall

    This vertical slab of concrete punched with 48 circular holes looks like a forgotten work of 1970s abstract sculpture set on a very low seaside 'cliff'…

  • Z
    Zhushan Village

    All a-twitter with birdsong, Zhushan is Kinmen's traditional village core, chock-a-block with low-rise, tile-roofed homesteads built in archetypal Fujian…

  • H
    Houpo 16 Art Zone

    By day it looks a little over-gentrified, but at night the junction of Juguang and Zhongxing roads is one of Kincheng's most atmospheric corners. The so…

  • C
    Chen Ching Lan Mansion

    Considered Kinmen's finest 'western-style' residence, this 1921 two-storey villa features stone arcade balconies from which you gaze down through parkland…

  • M
    Maestro Wu Factory-Store

    Kinmen's famous super-sharp knives are still fashioned from bomb casings at a display workshop at the back of this stylish Banglin boutique. Each shell…

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    Military Brothel Exhibition Hall

    This museum examines the rarely mentioned subject of officially-sanctioned prostitution to entertain military personnel. Euphemistically known as a …

  • K
    Kinmen Qing Dynasty Military HQ

    The oldest surviving Qing government building in Taiwan, this three-courtyard structure doubles as a passably interesting museum explaining Kinmen's place…

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    Mofan Street

    This charming little street is lined with attractive shops behind brick-arched facades dating back to 1924.

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    Mt Taiwu

    Peaking at 253m, Taiwu is less a mountain than an attractive hill ridge that forms Kinmen's east–west backbone. Knobbly patches of beige rock show through…

  • A
    August 23 Artillery War Museum

    Set in a beautifully peaceful garden of banyan trees, this engrossing bilingual museum documents the horrific 44-day bombardment in 1958 during which…

  • K
    Kincheng Civil Defence Tunnels

    Claustrophobes beware: Kincheng has 2.6km of wartime tunnels and you can walk 1.2km of them, but they're not much wider or taller than a large man. What…