Top Choice Taoist Temple in Makung

Matsu Temple

Matsu Temple, one of Penghu’s most celebrated spots, has an unusually high and sweeping swallowtail eave roof and a wealth of gorgeous Chaozhou-style woodcarvings. In the main hall there's a swastika design represen…
Top Choice Historic Site in Kincheng

Kuei Pavilion

Built in 1836 for the worship of the god of literature, the elegant two-storey pavilion is surrounded by a number of stately Western-style buildings and a whole neighbourhood of old dwellings connected by narrow lan…
Top Choice Tunnel in Nangan

Beihai Tunnel

Carved out of a sheer rock face by soldiers using only simple hand tools, construction of this 700m tunnel began in 1968 and took three years to complete, with many losing their lives in the process. It was used as …
Top Choice Historic Site in Beigan

Peace Memorial Park

With its high, rocky peninsula, the eastern edge of Beigan was once an important part of the ROC's military defence of Matsu. The entire zone, now a memorial park, is one of the island's most intriguing military sit…
Top Choice Village in Penghu Islands

Erkan Old Residences

Set on emerald slopes above the blue sea, Erkan Village oozes charm from every coral wall, stone walkway and brick facade. The 50 or so houses are built in a melange of southern Fujian, Western and Japanese styles, …
Top Choice Taoist Temple in Penghu Islands

Tungliang Banyan Tree

The astonishing 300-year-old Tungliang Banyan Tree wraps and creeps and twists around a cement frame that stabilises the tree like the lattice arch of a bower. The spread of branches and aerial roots cover 600 sq me…
Top Choice Historic Site in Green Island

Green Island Human Rights Cultural Park

Standing forlorn on a windswept coast, its back to a sheer cliff, this complex is a sobering reminder of Taiwan's White Terror and Martial Law periods (1949–87). The park site is a former prison, sardonically referr…
Top Choice Village in Kinmen

Shuitou Village

The 700-year-old community of Shuitou Village features one of the best collections of old houses, both Chinese- and Western-style, in all of Taiwan.
Top Choice Park in Makung

Guanyin Pavilion Waterfront Park

A relaxing seafront park where you see locals jogging, cycling, watching the sunset from the 200ft-long Rainbow Bridge, or having a picnic on autumn afternoons. The lovely park is also the venue of the annual Firewo…
Top Choice Village in Outer Penghu Islands

Huazhai Traditional Settlement

This lovely village with 130 traditional houses made the list of the world's 100 most endangered sites by World Monuments Watch. Arranged in neat rows, they feature walls made of local basalt and coral stone and the…