Jindaodi Snack Shop

Taiwanese in Shuitou Village

It's rough and ready, but this little eatery is a great place to try hand-harvested baby rock oysters (金門石蚵). A Kinmen speciality, they're available as omelettes (蚵仔煎), in soup (蚵仔汤) or with noodles – tossed (蚵仔麵) or in broth (蚵仔麵線).

Fried rice (炒飯) and taro-meat spring rolls (芋香肉捲) are served here too. To help you mark your selection on the printed all-Chinese order paper, there's a small picture menu with translations (into English and Japanese) stuck to one of the fridges. The snack shop is inside a group of old Fujian-style courtyard houses known collectively as the 18 Roof Ridges (頂界十八支樑; Dǐngjiè Shíbā Zhīliáng).