Top Choice Chinese in Zhongshan & Datong

Qing Tian Xia

At the northern end of historic Dihua St is Taipei's first Guizhou restaurant. The interior is upscale but relaxed, and dishes are authentic and well presented. There's no menu; order from your smartphone or the res…
Top Choice Noodles in Da'an

Yongkang Beef Noodles

Open since 1963, this is one of Taipei's top spots for beef noodles, especially of the hóngshāo (紅燒; red spicy broth) variety. Beef portions are generous, and melt in your mouth. Other worthwhile dishes include stea…
Sichuan in Zhongshan & Datong

Old Sichuan

As soon as you walk in you can smell the Sichuan peppercorns and hot oil. Old Sichuan is a theatrical experience from the decor, which is over-the-top red-and-gold imperial den, to the fiery spicy hotpots. Famous lo…
Peking Duck in Da'an

Beijing Lou

One of the best Peking duck restaurants in town, with cosy old-school decor, and attentive old-school waiters. The half duck is sufficient for two or three people.
Noodles in Ximending & Wanhua

Lao Shan Dong Homemade Noodles

Super popular with locals, this unpretentious canteen has been serving up handmade, thick, floury, Shandong-style noodles – you can watch the noodle makers in their puffs of flour while you eat – since it opened in …
Noodles in Da'an

Slack Season Noodles

An upscale branch of a famous Tainan-based snack restaurant. Note: there's no English sign. Slack Season (which refers to the style of tangy noodles served during the fishing low season) serves a long menu of southe…
Chinese in Bali

To House

This Alice-in-Wonderland restaurant, just south of the Shihsanhang Museum, has a walled-in garden with more than 20 rabbits bouncing around, a chicken, a cockatoo and a large speckled pig (usually asleep). Food (a s…
Chinese in Tamsui

Red Castle 1899

This Victorian-style building is an architectural landmark in Tamsui, and was built between 1895 and 1899. Beautifully restored and reborn as a swank eatery, Red Castle serves both Western and Chinese dishes. To fin…
Sichuan in Zhongzheng

Xiao Wei Sichuan Restaurant

With decor last updated during the martial law period and no-nonsense service, Xiao Wei is a must-visit, especially for the food, which is among the best Sichuan in the city. Try the classic kung pao chicken (宮保雞丁; …
Chinese in Zhongzheng

Pamir Xinjiang Restaurant

Despite being all about the lamb, chicken and meat skewers, Pamir's has its own vegetarian menu. The spicy, sesame tomato-based sauces of Xinjiang cuisine come as a welcome break from Taiwanese fare, but dishes aren…