There's top-class hiking, both gentle and arduous, and some challenging cycling. The higher you go, the more likely you will be surrounded by mountain mists. And when you've finished, you can wallow in the hot springs.

Remember the park is closed on the last Monday of every month.


With 110 bird species and easy access to a variety of terrain including grasslands, forest and ponds, Yangmingshan is one of northern Taiwan's top twitching destinations. For the casual visitor, be on the lookout for the Formosan blue magpie, an adorable bird with a striped tail nearly twice its body length. It's the national bird of Taiwan.


The park is a popular spot for local riders and apart from the shuttle buses and the occasional visitor's car, there's not much traffic to contend with. The rides are challenging.

One of the most popular is called the Balaka Route because it follows Balaka Rd (巴拉卡公路) to the summit.


The park has a wide network of trails, most stepped and marked with English signage. The park website lists them all and includes times, distances and maps.

Consider tackling volcanic Mt Datun (大屯山; Dàtún Shān) on the west side of the park, or try the 1.8km trail up from Erziping Visitor Centre. It's wheelchair accessible.

Flatter walking paths run parallel to the main loop road around the park, as well as along the Balaka Rd towards Erziping Visitor Centre. It would take you all day to complete these but you can catch shuttle bus 108 from various points when you get tired.