Man Ke Wu Hot Spring Noodles

Ramen in Beitou

This popular restaurant serves fantastic ramen noodles (拉麵, lāmiàn) in a miso base prepared with hot-spring water. Try the standard ramen with pork (正油叉燒, zhèngyóu chāshāo), with kimchi (泡菜叉燒, pàocài chāshāo) or with a side of fried pork ribs (排骨, páigǔ). The soft-boiled hot-spring egg with dried seaweed (溫泉蛋, wēnquán dàn; NT$30) is the simplest of dishes but so tasty.

This noodle joint is justifiably popular, so it gets pretty packed at meal times. Get here early if possible.