Top Choice Taiwanese in Tainan

Wang's Fish Shop

This white-tiled roadside shop, operated by a milkfish (虱目魚; shīmùyú) farmer, slaughters the fish in the wee hours to prepare the popular breakfast of fish-meat broth (魚肉湯; yúròu tāng). Fish belly (魚肚; yúdù) comes i…
Taiwanese in Tainan

A Cun Beef Soup

Beef soup (牛肉湯; niúròu tāng), a Tainan speciality, is served as early as 4am for breakfast, right after the cattle are slaughtered in the middle of the night. One of the best places to savour the soup and the meat a…
Taiwanese in Tainan

Chi Kin Dandanman

Set in a Japanese-era merchant's house, this is a fun place to try traditional dànzǐmiàn (擔仔麵), a simple dish that mixes noodles with a tangy meat sauce. Dànzǐ, literally 'two baskets and a stick', refers to the bas…
Seafood in Tainan

A Xia Restaurant

This worthy modern restaurant is a popular venue for weddings. It's a good place to try more elaborate restaurant-type dishes such as the delectable steamed sticky rice with mud crab (紅蟳米糕; hóngxún mǐgāo; NT$900), w…
Vegan in Tainan

Guli Restaurant

A paradise for the health and environmentally conscious, this restaurant only uses naturally farmed and locally sourced produce. Its food, a fusion of Japanese and Taiwanese fare, is beautifully presented and tasty.
Taiwanese in Tainan

Anping Bean Jelly

There are only a dozen items on the menu in this celebrated eatery, and its claim to fame is the bean jelly (bean curd; 豆花; dòuhuā) with tapioca or red beans. Only organic soybeans are used. There are a few branches…
Taiwanese in Tainan

An-Ping Gui Ji Local Cuisine Cultural Restaurant

This restaurant offers a host of traditional Tainan snacks at low prices. The shop features a big photo display of traditional foods and a multilanguage brochure to help visitors. The restaurant also sells Chou fami…