Top Choice French in Taichung

Le Moût

At 26 on Asia's 50 Best Restaurants 2016, Le Moût features Taiwan-inspired French cuisine by Chen Lanshu. Chen, who was trained at Le Cordon Bleu, was also crowned Asia's Best Female Chef. At Le Moût, flavours are s…
Top Choice Taiwanese in Taichung

Shih Sundry Goods

A car mechanic and his multi-talented family built this gracefully rustic restaurant with scraps, where they now prepare honest and tasty meals using only organic ingredients (homegrown or from nearby farms). The si…
Top Choice Taiwanese in Taichung

Jinzhi Yuan Caodai Fan

A small modern shop famous for two things: succulent fried pork chop with rice (香酥排骨飯; xiāngsū páigǔ fàn) and flavourful fried chicken leg with rice (酥嫩雞腿飯; sū'nèn jītuǐ fàn). Veggies are an extra NT$50. Get takeawa…
Shanghai in Taichung

Qinyuan Chun

Qinyuan Chun offers hearty Shanghainese in a historical environment. The restaurant opened in 1949, the year Chiang Kai-shek and his forces fled to Taiwan, and still seems to embody the values of that era. It's neat…
Taiwanese in Taichung

Old Uncle’s Hotpot

Fermented cabbage is the star here and it appears in various dishes – the signature hotpot (酸菜鍋; suāncài guō) alongside dried shrimp, celery and whatever meat and veggies you choose to dunk into it; in steamed buns …
Desserts in Taichung

Fourth Credit Union

The owner of Miyahara has transformed an old bank (1966) into a trendy three-storey cafe and restaurant. The old vault doors and standing-height counter are still there looking handsome, but somewhat let down by the…
Ice Cream in Taichung


The flagship store of pineapple cake specialist Dawncake (日出鳳梨酥) also sells ice cream in flavours such as Hakka lei cha (擂茶; léi chá) and, of course, pineapple. The high ceilings and faux-vintage card catalogue cabi…
Taiwanese in Taichung

Qinghua Spring Rolls

A clean family-run institution that serves your order of spring roll – plain (原味; yuánwèi) or wasabi-flavoured (芥末; jièmò) – with a cup of bonito broth. Its homemade plum juice (酸梅湯; suānméitāng) is equally refreshi…
Taiwanese in Taichung

Weng Ji Restaurant

The crowd out front should tell you something about this much-loved eatery specialising in goose meat. Try the smoked (燻鵝; xūn’é) or drunken variety (醉鵝; zuì’é), or the Taiwanese-style foie gras (鵝肝; é gān).
European in Taichung

Finga's Base Camp

If you crave Western-style bread in Taichung, Finga's bakery has decent sourdough and rye. The restaurant serves passable Tex-Mex, burgers and pastas.