The round-the-lake bus (all-day pass NT$80, roughly hourly from 8.10am to 5.20pm) leaves from in front of the visitor information centre and turns back at Xuanguang Temple. An English schedule is available at the visitor information centre.


Songmeng Bikes Helpful husband-and-wife store with tons of bikes for hire, including electric vehicles and three-seaters.


Boats dock at four piers – Chaowu, Shueishe, Ita Thao and Syuanguang Temple. There are several operators and the different fleets have slightly different times. Seasonal and other variations aside, there are sailings roughly every 30 to 60 minutes from around 8am to 5pm, from each of the piers. The Sun Moon Lake website (www.sunmoonlake.gov.tw) has the latest schedules.

You can buy tickets at booths at Shueishe Pier, Chaowu Pier and Ita Thao Pier, or at authorised ticket booths brandishing the shuttle-boat icon; Syuanguang Pier is where visitors to Xuanzang Temple disembark. Prices are NT$300 for a cruise of the entire lake and NT$100 per section of the journey. The website has details.

Car & Motorcycle

Good-quality scooters (NT$500 per day) can be hired from shops on the main street of Shueishe. An international driver's permit is needed. There's a petrol station at 20 Zhongshan Rd.