Top Choice Cafe in Sandimen

Qiuyue Restaurant

An atmospheric cafe on a cliff with a huge terrace overlooking the valley. On a clear day you can see Pingtung, Kaohsiung and Foguangshan. Indigenous bands perform on some nights. It’s after the Km24 mark on Hwy 24 …
Top Choice Seafood in Kaohsiung

Behind-the-Temple Seafood Congee

This wonderful street corner shop with an iron roof whips up delicious soups and congee with fresh local seafood. The signature seafood congee (招牌海產粥; zhāopái hǎichǎn zhōu) is excellent with the oyster omelet (蚵仔蛋; …
Top Choice Taiwanese in Kaohsiung

Ban Jiushi

An elegant modern teahouse that makes refined versions of classics such as braised pork and panfried milkfish. It's the kind of place where you can pore over a book or watch the world go by as you await your tea-inf…
Top Choice International in Kaohsiung

Gien Jia

A clean, crisp-looking bistro that prides itself on using local produce as much as possible. Greens and seafood from Kaohsiung, pork from Pingtung and chicken from Tainan are given a French or Italian spin that work…
Top Choice Bakery in Kaohsiung

Wu Pao Chun Bakery

The flagship store of the talented Taiwanese baker who won top prize (bread category) in the Bakery World Cup in Paris. He did it with a wheat bread that contains Taiwan's millet wine, rose petals and dried lychees.…
Top Choice Taiwanese in Tainan

Wang's Fish Shop

This white-tiled roadside shop, operated by a milkfish (虱目魚; shīmùyú) farmer, slaughters the fish in the wee hours to prepare the popular breakfast of fish-meat broth (魚肉湯; yúròu tāng). Fish belly (魚肚; yúdù) comes i…
Seafood in Tainan

A Xia Restaurant

This worthy modern restaurant is popular venue for weddings. It's a good place to try more elaborate restaurant-type dishes such as the delectable steamed sticky rice with mud crab (紅蟳米糕; hóngxún mǐgāo; NT$900), whi…
Taiwanese in Tainan

Chi Kin Dandanman

Set in a Japanese-era merchant's house, this is a fun place to try traditional dànzǐmiàn (擔仔麵), a simple dish that mixes noodles with a tangy meat sauce. Dànzǐ, literally 'two baskets and a stick', refers to the bas…
Thai in Kenting National Park

Warung Didi

This long-running restaurant draws in the crowds with a lively beach atmosphere, good music, beer and passable Thai and Malay curries. Reservations are recommended on weekends.
Hakka in Meinong

Meinong Traditional Hakka Restaurant

This good eatery dishes out simple bowls of bantiao noodles (flat-rice noodles; 炒粄條; chǎo bǎntiáo) as well as other famous Hakka treats, such as the mouthwatering but artery-clogging méigān kòuròu (梅干扣肉; succulent f…