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Getting There & Away

Airport Kaohsiung airport serves both international and domestic flights. Tainan airport is mainly domestic but also has flights to Hong Kong and Osaka. Chiayi airport has flight to Makung only.

High Speed Rail The southernmost HSR station is Zuoying in Kaohsiung: it reaches Tainan HSR station (NT$140) in 11 minutes, Chiayi HSR station (NT$410) in 30 minutes, and Taipei (NT$1490) 1½ to two hours.

Bus Chiayi HSR station has three buses to Alishan at 10.10am, 11am and 13.10am (NT$269, 2½ hours). Zuoying HSR station has express to Kenting (NT$391, two hours, every 15 minutes).

Train There are train services from Taipei to Chiayi (fast/slow train NT$598/461, 3½/five hours), Tainan (fast/slow train NT$738/569, 4½/six hours), Kaohsiung (fast/slow train NT$843/650, five/seven hours) and Pingtung (fast/slow train NT$891/687, 5½/7½ hours).