Top Choice Tea in Zhongshan & Datong

Lin Hua Tai Tea Company

The oldest tea-selling shop in Taipei, dating back to 1883. The current fourth generation merchants are more than happy to talk tea and let you sample the wares, which sit in large metal drums about the warehouse. P…
Top Choice Market in Zhongshan & Datong

Yongle Market

The rather ugly concrete structure, grafted on to a beautiful colonial-era facade adjacent to Dadaocheng Theatre, houses a huge fabric market on the 2nd floor. Cotton, satin, silk, gauze, Japanese prints, bold colou…
Top Choice Market in Da'an

Tonghua Night Market

One of Taipei's liveliest night markets and all the better for being more local and less touristy. There's something for everyone. Food-wise there are steaks, sushi, animal-shaped biscuits, Thai, Vietnamese, candyfl…
Top Choice Handicrafts in Zhongshan & Datong

Lao Mian Cheng Lantern Shop

Handmade lamps, with painted dragons, bold flowers, bamboo and calligraphy, are solid red, and as big as a gym ball or small as a fist. There are also concertinaed paper lanterns, purses and cushion covers. This tum…
Food in Da'an

Cotton Field Organic Health Store

Health food shops have become very popular in Taipei. Cotton Fields is one of the best in terms of variety of stock, selling the sort of stuff you'd find at a farmers' market in San Francisco. They also stock free-r…
Electronics in Da'an

Guanghua Digital Plaza

Six storeys of electronics, software, hardware, laptops, peripherals, mobile phones and gadgets of all kinds. Dozens of smaller shops speckle the surrounding neighbourhood. You can likely bargain about 10% to 30% of…
Tea in Zhongshan & Datong

Ten Shang's Tea Company

Hailing from a mountain tea-growing community in central Taiwan's Nantou, Mr and Mrs Chang have been selling organically grown oolong teas from all over Taiwan for a quarter of a century. Visitors are welcome to com…
Arts & Crafts in Tainan

Tainan Kuang Tsai Embroidery Shop

Mr Lin, one of the last remaining embroidery masters in Tainan, has been working at his craft for more than 50 years and now he and his daughter have taken the craft to a new, modern level. All his pieces have the l…
Arts & Crafts in Lukang

Wan Neng Tinware

The master here is a fourth-generation tinsmith. His elaborate dragon boats and expressive masks cost thousands but are worth the price for their beauty and craftsmanship.
Arts & Crafts in Lukang

Mr Chen's Fan Shop

The shop is just on the right before you enter the pedestrian-only area near Matsu Temple. Fans range from a few hundred dollars to many thousands for the larger creations. Mr Chen has been making fans since he was …