Shei-pa National Park attractions

Forest in Shei-pa National Park

Wuling Farm

Wuling Farm, also known as Wuling Forest Recreation Area (武陵國家森林遊樂區), is a relaxing mountain retreat popular with Taiwanese families who come for the maples, cherry blossoms, crisp air and high-altitude vistas. Duri…
Waterfall in Shei-pa National Park

Taoshan Waterfall

Known poetically as the Sound of Mist Waterfall, this 50m high veil lies at the end of the Taoshan Trail inside Shei-pa National Park. The 4.3km trail follows a paved footpath that takes a couple of hours to finish …
Park in Shei-pa National Park

Guanwu Forest Recreation Area

If you're looking for a more-rugged experience compared with the tame resort atmosphere of a place like Alishan, Guanwu is one of the better forest recreation areas. There are many trails from which to choose, most …