Market in Kenting National Park

Kenting Night Market

Kenting's night market is renowned as being one of the best in Taiwan, and that's saying something. Every evening as the sun goes down, the vendors stalls begin to set up along about a 1km strip of the town's main s…
Market in Hualien

Dongdamen Night Market

For local food, head to the busy and well-regarded Dongdamen Night Market. Things to try include skewers, spring rolls, stewed spare ribs (燉排骨; dùn páigǔ), coffin cake (棺材板; guāncái bǎn; different from the Tainan ki…
Market in Kaohsiung

Ruifeng Night Market

Kaohsiung's largest and best night market. Stalls cater to locals rather than big tour groups, and they're physically concentrated in one area, which makes it easy to cover many of them (if you're hungry).
Market in Zhongshan & Datong

Ningxia Night Market

This is an excellent venue for sampling traditional snacks, not least because the street is not cramped and most stalls have tables. The food here is very fresh, and dishes to try include fish soup, oyster omelette,…
Market in Xinyi

Wuxing Street

In the shadow of Taipei 101 is this eating street and night market that arose to satisfy the tastes of mainlanders at nearby military Village 44. Look for steamed dumplings, beef noodles and pork rice, as well as te…
Market in Songshan

Raohe Street Night Market

Taipei's oldest night market, Raohe St is a single pedestrian lane stretching between two ornate gates. In between you'll find a great assortment of Taiwanese eats, treats and sometimes even seats. Look for pork rib…
Market in Da'an

Shida Night Market

Though the market has been reduced in scale because of noise complaints from nearby residents, it's still a lively place for a cheap feed of traditional snacks, for shopping, or for just hanging out in any number of…
Market in Makung

Peichen Market

The largest market in Penghu has about 180 stalls selling fresh local produce and a plethora of snacks.
Market in Chiayi

Wenhua Road Night Market

Good for cheap food. Located between Mincyuan and Chuei Yang Rds.
Market in Zhongshan & Datong

Liaoning Street Night Market

Heading north from Chang'an E Rd is this small night market which is rather feeble compared to the usual offerings. Nevertheless, you'll find several stalls serving traditional Taiwanese dishes like gòngwán (貢丸; mea…