Cafe in Da'an


With a minimalist design making it look like a cosy woodshed, a diverse Western menu and wi-fi, Duōme is a top spot for a long afternoon meal. The German sausage with slow-roasted tomatoes and mushrooms (and eggs do…
Cafe in Xinyi

Good Cho's

Inside former military-dependant Village 44 is this subdued cafe/performance space/lifestyle shop with marble floors, retro lighting and great acoustics. With its emphasis on history, community and local products, G…
Cafe in Zhongzheng


Big doorstep slices of walnut bread topped with a range of sweet and savoury toppings. Try the Chinese pear, berry and cream cheese or the asparagus and egg. The coffee here is also extremely good.
Cafe in Zhongshan & Datong

Salt Peanuts

Although it feels more like a coffee parlour, Salt Peanuts offers inventive brunch sets with delicately dressed salads, toasted tofu sandwiches and chunky vegetable quiches. The inner courtyard garden is a real trea…