These 450m-high crags require you to scramble up metal ladders and steps hewn into the rock for vertigo-inducing views. No technical skill is needed, but it's an adrenaline rush nonetheless. The trailhead is across the Keelung River from Pingxi train station. Cross the bridge from Pingxi Old Street and turn left. Look for the stairs beside a trail map.

After a five-minute walk up the path, you should see a sign for Cimu Feng (慈母峰; Címǔ Fēng). Follow the trail as it alternates between running atop a ridge and hugging a steep grey limestone cliff. In one to 1½ hours you'll reach a set of cement stairs. You can take these down to Pingxi (essentially completing a loop) or begin the better loop up to the crags, which can take another couple of hours to complete, depending on your route. There are signposts everywhere, and while you may get sidetracked, you won't get lost.