Top things to do

Light Show in Pingxi District

Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival

Of all the ancient Chinese festivals, Pingxi's Lantern Festival has best been re-imagined for the modern age, with spectacular light shows, live concerts and giant glowing mechanical lanterns. Yet one of the best sp…
Teahouse in Pingxi District

Palace Restaurant

Set in a short row of 80-year-old Japanese-era houses that used to be the quarters of Japanese mining managers, this restaurant has both an old-time wooden interior and good food. Guests can sit on the floor, Japane…
Village in Houtong

Cat Village

This former coal-mining village managed to revive itself in the 21st century by tapping into cats. Villagers here traditionally kept cats because houses were built on the hillside where rats were rampant. After the …
Cafe in Houtong


Xiuding is a quiet wooden space that earns itself brownie points by offering chilled Taiwanese Litchi Beer. It's in the cat village, about 100m right from the Cat Bridge entrance.
Waterfall in Pingxi District

Shifen Waterfall Park

The famous Shifen Waterfall is a NT$230 cab ride from the train station or a straightforward 30-minute walk past villages and ponds into which sky lanterns have fallen. The waterfall is quite pretty if a little unde…