Pingtung County shopping

Arts & Crafts in Pingtung County

Mudan Art Shop

You'll find a nicely curated selection of ethnic garments, accessories and home products from Taiwan and Asia at this shop run by an indigenous-Taiwanese family. Opening hours are random, but the owner, Madam Shao (…
Jewellery in Sandimen

Shatao Dance & Glass Art Studio

Run by a Paiwan dancer, this glass and dance studio with an adjoining shop allows you to purchase accessories created with Paiwan glass beads arranged in a mix of styles. You can also try making your own beads. They…
Arts & Crafts in Sandimen

Zhu Zhen Ting Art Studio

A small studio operated by Paiwan artist Cho Jinhua (周錦花) from her home. Cho paints, engraves and decorates leather with glass beads and embroidery and turns them into purses, belts and home accessories. The worksho…