Pingtung County restaurants

Top Choice Cafe in Sandimen

Qiuyue Restaurant

An atmospheric cafe on a cliff with a huge terrace overlooking the valley. On a clear day you can see Pingtung, Kaohsiung and Foguangshan. Indigenous bands perform on some nights. It’s after the Km24 mark on Hwy 24 …
Market in Kenting National Park

Kenting Night Market

Kenting's night market is renowned as being one of the best in Taiwan, and that's saying something. Every evening as the sun goes down, the vendors stalls begin to set up along about a 1km strip of the town's main s…
Taiwanese Indigenous in Pingtung County

Nanfang Buluo

A spacious rustic indigenous restaurant that does both Amis and Paiwan dishes well. Portions are generous too. Signature dishes include chicken soup (雞湯; jītāng) with local cinnamon and fish cooked with maqaw (馬告魚; …
Mediterranean in Kenting National Park

Beach Bistro

A cute ocean-themed eatery that whips up tasty Mediterranean fare and curries. It's busy during the summer months when tourists flock to Kenting.
International in Kenting National Park

On the Table

Decent pizzas, pasts, risottos and sandwiches in an airy and relaxing setting.
Seafood in Donggang

By the Sea

By the Sea, which is actually more 'by the port', is one of many places in town to try bluefin tuna (or perhaps not, as environmental groups are calling for an outright ban on bluefin tuna fishing), as well as other…
International in Kenting National Park

Bossa Nova Beach Cafe

This cafe sits on the main drag in Nanwan, across from the beach. Sandwiches are filling. Should you want to stay in the Nanwan area, the cafe also runs a B&B. Bossa Nova is close to a 7-Eleven store.
Thai in Kenting National Park

Warung Didi

This long-running restaurant draws in the crowds with a lively beach atmosphere, good music, beer and passable Thai and Malay curries. Reservations are recommended on weekends.