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Top Choice Taiwanese in Pinglin

Taiyuan Tea House

This modern teahouse serves delicious Taiwanese dishes, many prepared with tea seed oil (茶油; cháyóu), such as fried rice (炒飯; chǎofàn), noodles (麵線; miànxiàn), and mountain pork (山豬肉; shān zhūròu). Besides, tea leav…
Coffee in Pinglin

Helen Coffee

Most cyclists stop here, just past Xiaogetou at the very top of the pass (around 16km from Bitan, or 11km from Pinglin). The coffee shop is unmistakable on the left and has a deck with a half-million-dollar view (th…
Museum in Pinglin

Tea Museum

The two floors of this classically designed museum feature displays, dioramas, charts, equipment and, of course, tea in all its forms. There are sections on the history of tea production in Taiwan and China, the cul…