Boat in Outer Penghu Islands

South Seas Tourist Service Centre

Has boats to Chimei, Wang'an and Tongpan, as well as options for day trips in the high season. A full-day tour (NT$900) hits three or four islands with one- or two-hour stops depending on how many islands you are vi…
Bus in Makung

Temporary Bus Terminus

Makung's old bus terminus was retired in 2015 and construction of a new terminus began in April 2015. In the meantime a temporary terminus has been set up at 73 Minzu Rd.
Airport in Makung

Makung Airport

Flights to Taipei and cities in southern and western Taiwan, as well as Hong Kong and Shantou.
Boat in Penghu Islands

Tai Hua Shipping

Tai Hua Shipping has boats from Kaohsiung to Makung (NT$860, 4½ hours) and back (NT$819).
Boat in Penghu Islands

All Star

All Star plies between Putai Port in Chiayi and Makung in Penghu (90 minutes).
Petrol Station in Makung

CPC Petrol Station

Boat in Outer Penghu Islands

North Sea Tourist Service Centre