The archipelago has several hundred kilometres of shoreline with more than 100 beaches. Some beaches are among the best found anywhere in Taiwan.


With wave and wind conditions similar to Gran Canaria's Pozo Izquierdo, or the Columbia River Gorge in USA, Penghu is fast becoming Asia's premier spot for windsurfing – in winter! From September to April the same Arctic-Mongolian cold fronts that send temperatures falling in Taipei also blast strong winds down the Taiwan Strait. Wind speeds around Penghu can reach 50 knots.

In 2010 the Asian RSX championships were held in October for the first time. Organisers are hoping that the archipelago can become a serious training ground for Asia's Olympic windsurfing athletes.

Windsurfing lessons and equipment rental are available at Penghu Sunrise B&B in Guoyeh Village and Liquid Sport in 2 Huxi township (湖西鄉). The first lesson is NT$1500, including equipment. September and October are the best windsurfing months because of the good weather and wind conditions that have yet to get too extreme.

Diving & Snorkelling

Though it used to be possible to get in some great snorkelling and diving even off the main beaches, a freak cold snap killed most of the shallow-water coral in 2008. The coral is growing back, but it will be years before the reefs return to their former glory.

There are still great sites on the smaller islands and in less accessible locations on the main archipelago. Liquid Sport does diving lessons and easy day trips in summer and now has clear-bottomed sea kayaks for rent – a marvellous way to see the underwater world.